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1、Technical advice: buyer drying requires the seller to provide the latest dry and free technical advice.
2, selection recommendation: buy equipment before the seller to provide the best selection of recommended free.
3、Installation: according to buyers and sellers to confirm the equipment layout and equipment installation and commissioning of base map.
4、Training Services: supply-side sending a technician to help guide the installation, commissioning qualified, trial operation period, the buyer for the operator training, up until the proficiency.
5、Warranty: Equipment from the date of shipment, twelve-month warranty period, warranty period the product non-human damage caused by free repair by the seller.
6、Verify with: according to customer needs to provide free equipment and management information and program verification.
7、Maintenance services: equipment failure, no special reason for the party receiving the notice 1-3 days to arrive at the scene based on distance service.
8、Accessories provided: outside the warranty period can provide timely and thoughtful accessories and timely service.
9、 random files: According to the contract to provide products and accessories manual, equipment, material reports and other information related to GMP authentication.
10、Life services: product warranty expires, the seller continue to provide product service life, and to offer compensation to provide wearing parts.
11、Customer profiles: to build customer profiles system, providing customers search in relation to providing services and information to resolve customer service worries.

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