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As a technical manufacturing enterprise, we uphold innovation and quality, and will continue to solve difficult problems existing in the present operation and technology creatively, manufacture high-quality products at low cost, experience the happiness of benefiting the masses by developing technologies, persist in aspiring after lasting, eternity and meticulousness. In future, we sustain comparison with any company having the greatest spirit of innovation in the world. Being insatiable and keeping developing, we will assist outstanding companies to become more successful, and we are determined to become an enterprise group which is the most powerful, manufactures products with the best cost-performance ratio, has the best awareness of service, and makes employees have the highest life happiness index in the world up till now. Our products will be sold well around all the world, and all profits will come from our contributions to the human being, and enhancement and improvement of people’s life.
Enterprise spirit:Broad innovation, and collaboration for improvement
Enterprise mission:Being diligent and sincere, and benefiting the society
Business concept:Creating value for customers, and seeking well-being for employees
Quality tenet:Quality is just life, and competitive products create value
Service concept:To serve customers is just to serve ourselves

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