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The use of freeze-drying machine methods and precautions

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     Use of freeze-drying machine
     Ready to dry the items placed in the low-temperature refrigerator or liquid nitrogen before freeze-drying machine, first, to make the items completely frozen solid before freeze-drying.
Between the host and the vacuum pump from the vacuum tube connected to the clamp of the junction to adopt international standards. The clamp contains a rubber seal ring before connecting to smear the right amount of vacuum grease on the rubber ring, and then clamp clamping.
    Freeze-drying machine, the right side panel has an outlet of the vacuum pump, vacuum pump power cord is connected.
Check the vacuum pump, confirmation has been filling the vacuum pump oil, not oil-free operation. The oil level shall not be less than the center line of the oil immersion lens.
Host cold trap above the "O" type rubber seal ring should be kept clean, first use, apply a thin layer of vacuum grease, organic glass is placed on the rubber ring and gently rotating a few, sealed
    Freeze-drying machine Note
 An operation, not to frequent switching, as a result of operational errors caused by the refrigerator stops running, you can not start immediately, wait at least 20 minutes before the start again, to avoid damage to the refrigerator.
 2, after each freeze-dried ice into water on the cold trap coil, with a towel to clear

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