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Changzhou benefit ball central HJ series double cone mixer is a breakthrough

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Changzhou benefit ball central drying equipment co., LTD is a manufacturer specializing in drying equipment research, development, design and manufacture of the joint-stock enterprises. Through the abundant technical strength, leading drying technology, excellent product quality, the high quality post-sale service, has won the trust and support of customers at home and abroad. At present, we design and manufacture of the equipment has been in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, ceramics, metallurgy, food, biological and agricultural and sideline products deep processing and many other important industries widely used. HJ series doule cone mixer is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials industries of powdery and granular materials. The powder or granular materials through vacuum conveying or artificial feeding to double cone container, with the continuous rotation of capacity, and material in the container in complex movement of impact to mix evenly. HJ series doule cone mixer energy saving, convenient operation, low labor intensity, work efficiency is high. Double cone mixer can be according to the technical requirement in the mixing barrel in vitro increase jacket, through to the inside the jacket into the heating and cooling medium to achieve the cooling or heating of the material; General pump into the industrial water, cooling the steam or heat and electric heating heat conduction oil.

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