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The ball central Asia double cone mixer, energy conservation and emissions reduction, in line with the new GMP

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Changzhou the ball central Asia drying equipment co., LTD. Double cone mixer is widely used in chemical industry, pesticides, dyes, food, feed, building materials, such as rare earth powder and powder (solid - liquid) hybrid. The machine for hybrid material wide adaptability, the thermal sensitive material will not cause overheating, the particle material not pressure feed and grinding, the polarization of proportion and grain size of different material mixed won't produce chip segregation phenomenon; The machine according to the technical requirement can be in mixer drum in vitro increase jacket, through to the jacketed intra-articular injection of cold and hot medium to realize the material of cooling or heating; Cooling general pump into the industrial water, heating can be steaming or electric heating of heat conduction oil. Gentle agitation speed also not fragile material damage. Standard conical spiral mixer have two root mixing screw, practical application according to equipment specification size can use single (a long screw), double (length of the two root asymmetric spiral), three (two short a long symmetrical layout) root screw.

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