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The central ball hot air circulation oven: let the dream achievements in the future

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Changzhou the ball in drying equipment co., LTD., hot air circulation oven air circulation system adopts the way of ventilation fan cycle, the wind circulation uniform efficiency. Are the circulation air supply motor (using non-contact switch) drive wheel through the heater, and hot air send out, again through the air duct to the oven chamber, and then will use the air intake duct become again become a cycle, heating use. Ensure that the indoor temperature uniformity. When on the cause for action happened when temperature swing, supply air circulation system rapid recovery operation state, until it reaches setting temperature. Hot air circulation oven is suitable for the baking chemical gas and food processing to be baked goods, ink solidification, film drying, etc., widely used in electronic, electrical, communications, electroplating, plastic, hardware chemical industry, instrument, printing, pharmaceutical, PC board, powder, including dipping, spraying, glass, wood building materials and so on precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, finalize the design, processing, etc.; Internal thermal cycle, roasted object is heated evenly. Thermal insulation layer is composed of high density aluminum silicate cotton filling, high density aluminum silicate cotton to ensure the oven heat preservation, and ensure the safety of the user.

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