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Hot air circulation oven renewal is imperative

Date: 2013-01-29    Views:

Changzhou the ball central Asia drying equipment co., LTD., hot air circulation oven after a couple of upgrading to the domestic and international advanced level. It is the use of steam or electricity as heat source, with the axial flow fan to heat exchanger to convection heating air way. Hot air layer flows through the baking plate and material for heat transfer. The fresh air from the air inlet into the oven for supplement, again from the platoon is wet mouth discharge, constantly added fresh air and continuous discharge hot and humid air, so to keep oven in an appropriate relative humidity. This oven the biggest characteristic is most of the hot air in the case for circulation, thereby increasing the heat transfer and save energy. Make the oven chamber from the traditional thermal efficiency of 3% - 7% to the current 35%, 45%, the highest efficiency can reach 50%. It is the use of forced ventilation role reduce temperature fluctuation. Our factory of the oven, there are points wind device, the user can be in use on the enhancement of leaf regulation, make fluctuation temperature difference in the groove. Thermal insulation layer is composed of high density aluminum silicate cotton filling, high density aluminum silicate cotton to ensure the oven heat preservation, and ensure the safety of the user.

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