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The market competition is intense, double cone mixer with irresistible force

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Changzhou the ball central Asia drying equipment co., LTD., cone mixer full called cantilever double spiral cone mixer, this machine is widely used in chemical industry, pesticides, dyes, food, feed, building materials, such as rare earth powder and powder (solid - liquid) hybrid. The machine for hybrid material wide adaptability, the thermal sensitive material will not cause overheating, the particle material not pressure feed and grinding, the polarization of proportion and grain size of different material mixed won't produce chip segregation phenomenon. Cone mixer in the cylinder two asymmetric screw rotation will material upward, boom slow revolution movement; Make screw outside material, different level into the stud, so as to achieve full circumferential azimuth material constantly update diffusion, mentioned the upper portion of the two strands of material again to center recess convergence, form a stream of down stream, added to the bottom of the vacancy, so as to form the convection cycle of triple hybrid effect. Cone mixer according to the technical requirement can be in mixer drum in vitro increase jacket, through to the jacketed intra-articular injection of cold and hot medium to realize the material of cooling or heating. Conical shell adaptation of the hybrid material no residual high demand. Mixing effects on the material of the chemical reaction with better effect.

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