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Screening Series
    • FS Series Square Sieve
  • Product Name: FS Series Square Sieve

    It adapts quick disassembling handle at the upper part of this machine. The handle connects the machine as the all and the one. Its upper cover is seal fully. Therefore it prevent from the dust flying caused by vibration during the period of sieving. The vibration motor is  installed under the sieve. Mean while it adapts spring to reduce vibration. So the machine will operate at stable state. The stand is adjustable, so the inclined angel of sieve  that is  sieving can  be adjusted. The best sieving effect can be got.

Technical parameters:

ModelPower (kw) Screen surface angle(°)Voltage(V)Layers ofsieve filter screen (mesh)Overall dimension (mm)Weight(kg)output (kg/h) FS0.6×1.50.4×20-45°adjustable3801-46-1201500×700×700550150-1500FS0.65×2.00.4×20-45°adjustable3801-46-1202100×750×780650160-2000

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