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Screening Series
    • ZS Series Vibrating Sieve
  • Product Name: ZS Series Vibrating Sieve



● ZS series vibration sieve is suitable for in line production. It is an ideal device for granule that has uneven size to sieve continuously.
● The machine consists of hopper, vibration chamber and coupling and motor. There are eccentric wheel, rubber soft parts, main shaft bearing and so on. The adjustable eccentric weight can drive to the central line of main shaft through motor. Under the unstable state, it produces centrifugal force that makes raw material form vortex in the sieve. The size of amplitude of eccentric weight can be regulated in accordance with the different raw materials.
● The whole structure of machine is compact,small in volume, no dust, low in noise, low in energy consume, convenient in moving and  maintenance.

Technical parameters:

Model productivity (kg/h)filter screen (mesh)Motor power(kw)spindle speed(rpm) Overall dimension (mm)Weight (kg) ZS-36560-50012-2000.551380540×540×1060100ZS-515100-130012-2000.751370710×710×1290180ZS-650180-200012-2001.501370880×880×1350250ZS-800 250-35005-3251.501500900×900×1200300

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