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Crushing series
    • CSJ series decimated coarse crusher
  • Product Name: CSJ series decimated coarse crusher

   Summary of the products 
  The supplies are sent to and crushed the room by the feeder hopper, through the impact of knife edge and one one hundred sheets of Towers, rotate one hundred sheets and regular knife to shear at the same time and crush , rotated centrifugal function , the supplies are flowed out from the exit automatically.
Note: Because the supplies are widely different, so its output differs greatly.
    This machine is suitable for such trades as the pharmacy , chemical industry , metallurgy , food , building ,etc.. Process the hard and difficult supplies that crush , including crush plastics , copper wire , Chinese herbal medicine , rubber ,etc., can is it crush machine tooling dishes of corollary equipment of process a little to exceed , as little pulverizer too. 

   Characteristic of the equipment 
    This machine is adopted and crushed the organization vertically, is not restricted by viscidity of the supplies , hardness, soft degree,etc. , can play the function of crushing well on any supplies. 

   Technical parameter 

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