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Crushing series
    • Chinese herbal medicine pulverizer 30 b
  • Product Name: Chinese herbal medicine pulverizer 30 b

This machine is applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural chemicals, food and food industries, has extensive USES.
This machine is using active plate and fixed tooth grilled high-speed relative motion, make shattered by the impact, friction and content combination, such as the impact between the pieces. This machine of simple structure, strong, stable operation, crushing effect is good, the crushed material can directly by the host the eduction in grinding cavity, degree of grain size can be obtained by changing different aperture of mesh.


30 b type pulverizer set
The machine set by 30 b of crusher ESC material boxes and ESC cleaner, solve the dust in the process of crushing material.
Its principle of work is the material into the crushing chamber, in fixed tooth gear disk with high speed rotating activity, shearing, impacting and friction between plate and material of the impact crushed under the action of each other, after the screen becomes a powder as needed.
Native crush group mill, material boxes and vacuum cleaners, all adopt the stainless steel material, conform to the pharmaceutical production of "GMP" requirements.
Technical parameters:

Number in the table will be different with different material is different, for reference only.


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