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    • ZLPG series of traditional Chinese medicine extract spray drier
  • Product Name: ZLPG series of traditional Chinese medicine extract spray drier

ZLPG series atomizing drier for immersed ointment of  C3
Product introduction:
The machine adopts full seal from.All parts are made of stainless steel.It is equipped with three grades of filter.The filtered air is one hundred thousand grades.The cooling device of wall is installed at the cylinder body.It makes the wall temperature less than 80℃。Air sweeping device is installed inside the drying tower. The product will not be burnt or deteriorated even stays on the way.The collection rate of powder is raised greatly.Moreover will not cause medicine mixed or wall stick.


Working Principle:
high-speed centrifuge atomizing for the extract of traditional Chinese medicine is an application of centrifuge atomizing technique.It is an high-speed atomizing dryer.The following problems are solved.

1.Tower body has air cooled jacket.
2.Tower body is equipped with automatic vibration device.
3.Tower body and pipe line have cleaning hole and sewage discharge hole that can open quickly.
4.Thermostat feeding tank on request.
5.Mannal high pressure washing machine on request.
6.The parts that can contact raw material are made of stainless steel (all entirely stainless steel).
7.The collecting of raw material adopts two grades cyclone or one-grade cyclone and one-grade wet-method-deduster.
8.The temperature of inlet air can be controlled automatically and continuously.
9.Equipped with air sweeping device on request.

Technical Parameter:

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