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  • Product Name: LZG spiral vibrating drier

LZG spiral vibrating drier

Product overview
Wet material has entered the screw inside the bed top loading port, the circumferential vibration force and under the action of gravity, material along the helix bed from top to bottom as jumping movement, until the bottom discharging, clean hot air from the screw at the bottom of the bed to at the same time, and the distribution of the materials are on the bed after sufficient heat transfer and mass transfer, is being exhausted from port top platoon is wet, so that the wet material to achieve the purpose of drying.
Characteristics of the equipment
1, hot air through the material layer for many times, and material reverse flow, make the heat exchange full, high thermal efficiency.
2, compact structure, cover an area of an area small.
3, the material stay in bed for a time can be adjusted, easy to operate.
4, material along the helix bed from top to bottom as circular motion at the same time, its also jump, thus increasing the material contact with hot air, enhancing the drying effect.
4, the continuous front-rear suitable for assembly line production, and easy to achieve "GMP" standards, can replace the traditional box-type drying.
5, on the surface of the material and shape the basic no damage, not only guarantees the roundness of the pills, and greatly reduces the pill breakage rate.
The working principle of

Technical parameters

* production capacity is related to water and raw material. The production capacity data for the pill in the table (pills is usually < 35%, moisture content in the final moisture is usually < 3%.

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