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Pharmaceutical Industry
Double cone rotary vacuum drier special for medical intermediate

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Product selection: SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer

I. material overview

The so-called pharmaceutical intermediates, in fact, are used in the process of drug synthesis of some chemical raw materials or chemical products. This chemical product does not require the production license of drugs. It can be produced at a general chemical plant and can be used for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals as long as it reaches some level.

Cephalosporin intermediates, intermediates for antibiotics, include cefotaxime acid, AE- active ester, ceftazidime, active ester, oxime active ester, three triazine ring, and so on.

Two, equipment features

• the containers are constantly rotating and the material heating surface is updated;

Heating indirectly will not be contaminated;

High thermal efficiency, more than 2 times more than the general oven;

The container rotation speed can be adjusted in the range of 3-13rpm;

Constant temperature control temperature is displayed by digital display device.

Three 、 engineering principle

SZG type double cone rotary vacuum drier is a double conical revolving tank. The middle of the equipment is cylindrical, and the ends are cone shaped. The top of the cone is designed as an open type feeding material (simultaneously as a manhole), and the other end is a butterfly valve discharging. The inner and outer parts of the tank are divided into three layers, wherein, the heating medium can be steam, circulating hot water or heat conducting oil, and the insulating layer is medium alkali superfine glass cotton, and the energy consumption is very little, and the inner layer is filled with materials. When the utility model is in a vacuum state, the heat conducting medium such as heat conducting oil, hot water, or steam is heated into the jacket, and the heat is transferred to the wet material through the inner wall of the tank.

The vacuum in the tank, the solvent in various materials (including water) in vacuum conditions in low temperature rapid vaporization, and the rotary material constantly, and turning, constantly updated material contact with the surface of the wall, so as to make full use of the wall by conduction the heat, drying speed, improve the drying efficiency, and can achieve the purpose of uniform drying.

The solvent (water vapor) that evaporates when wet material absorbs heat is pumped through a vacuum pump through a vacuum pump. The cooling system (tap water or frozen brine) is used to cool the waste water to achieve the purpose of recycling, and the production cost is saved, and the working conditions of the vacuum pump are improved, and the pollution to the environment is reduced.

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