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Gallic acid flash dryer production line

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Project description:

Gallic acid, also known as "gallic acid and gallic acid". Scientific name "3,4,5- three hydroxy benzoic acid"". Molecular formula C7H6O5. So widespread in Cornus officinalis rheum, Eucalyptus robusta, plants, is a kind of polyphenolic compounds in nature is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, biological and other fields.

Beneficial to the ball drying in Central Asia, after repeated experiments, the production of water into the material when 20%, drying products generally moisture <10%, but part of the water requirements <0.5% of the Turkish flash production line, to meet customer production requirements.

Working principle:

Gallic acid flash dryer production line hot air dryer tangent to bottom, forming a powerful rotating wind field under the driving of the stirrer. Paste material from the spiral feeder into the dryer, the strong function of high speed rotating impeller, dispersed material impact, friction and shearing force, the bulk material rapidly crushing, hot air and full contact, heated and dried. Dry material after dehydration with hot air rises, grading ring will be big particle retention, small particles discharged from the center of the ring dryer, a cyclone separator and a dust collector recovery, dry or bulk materials by centrifugal force thrown to the wall to fall to the bottom by crushing and drying.

Performance characteristics;

The organic combination of swirl, flow, spouting and crushing classification technology.

The equipment is compact, small size, high production efficiency, continuous production is realized

The "small equipment production".

The dry strength, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency.

The short residence time, good product quality, can be used for drying heat sensitive materials.

The negative pressure or negative pressure operation, good sealing, high efficiency, eliminate environmental pollution.

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