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PVB special rotary flash dryer

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Project description:

PVB, the name of Chinese polyvinyl butyral, PVB resin is a polymer material, translucent film, non-toxic, odorless, non corrosive, non flammable, has good light transmittance, insulation, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, adhesive and special properties of inorganic light and organic glass. It can be used as sandwich material for safety glass and can be used as other transparent material.

I. brief introduction of PVB dryer:

Yi ball Central Asia dry according to the material characteristics of PVB, the spin flash dryer to dry PVB, the complete set of equipment using steam heating, drying and processing capacity of 800Kg/h, the initial moisture of 35% wet material drying below 1.5%, because the material is heat sensitive materials, so the dryer host jacket water cooling, because the material under low temperature then, the air temperature is low, so the main high taga section, to extend the drying time, the whole system is made of stainless steel material contact, the other is made of carbon steel. The exhaust gas treatment system is mainly composed of cyclone separator, bag dust collector and draft fan. The dust in the tail gas is treated by cyclone separator and bag filter.

Two 、 PVB dryer principle:

PVB dryer material from the spiral feeder into the dryer, the strong function of high speed rotating stirrer, the material impact, friction and shear are dispersed under the action of the bulk material quickly crushed, and hot air, heated and dried full touch. The dried material with the heat rising, grading ring will be big particle retention, small particles discharged from the dryer from the center of the ring, the cyclone recovery, dry or bulk materials by centrifugal force left wall, back to the bottom by crushing and drying. Due to the gas-solid two-phase rotating flow, the solid phase inertia is greater than that of the gas phase, and the relative velocity between the solid gas and the two phase is larger, and the heat transfer property of the two phases is strengthened, so the production intensity of the gas and solid phase is high.

Three, PVB dryer characteristics

1. in the lower part of the dryer temperature, heat sensitive material does not contact with a hot surface, and equipped with special devices to solve the coking discoloration problem of thermal sensitive material.

2., due to the high gas velocity in drying room and short material holding time, it can achieve high efficiency, quick speed, small equipment and large output. The size and temperature of the upper 3. drying chamber with Tao Xihuan flow pieces and can control the export of materials, in order to achieve different materials with water granularity requirements.

4. because of material under low temperature, inlet air temperature is low, so the main high taga section, to extend the material drying time.

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