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High efficiency and energy saving trend, hot air circulation oven is ideal drying equipment

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Before and after the two sessions, Chinese medicine is a hot topic. Wu Yiling, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, put forward the suggestion of "giving full play to the unique advantages of Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases" so as to enable Chinese medicine to play a greater role in protecting people's health. The National People's Congress, Tasly holdings board chairman Yan Xijun said, to improve the detection of Chinese herbal medicine third, strong drug data protection. Some Western doctors also talk about the views of traditional Chinese medicine, a basic consensus is that, for the development of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine law is both support and norms.

To people industry and the national policy support for Chinese medicine gets more and more attention, to promote Chinese medicine industry gradually toward the direction of the development of the norms of science. As a mechanical equipment for drying Chinese medicinal herbs, the hot air circulation box will be greatly affected in this context.

Of industry innovation is represent the general trend of high efficiency and energy saving

In the pharmaceutical industry, hot air circulation oven for heat curing and drying dehydration of raw materials, Chinese herbal medicine, extract, powder and granule materials etc.. Generally speaking, the hot air circulation oven is made up of angle iron, stainless steel plate and cold steel plate. The heat preservation layer is filled with high-density aluminum silicate cotton, and the high-density aluminum silicate cotton can keep the heat insulation of the drying box and ensure the safety of the user.

Hot air circulation box for drying equipment, high thermal efficiency, can save energy. The air box is provided with an air duct, and the material can be kept uniformly dried. The oven runs smoothly, automatic temperature control, convenient installation and maintenance.

Along with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, intelligent automation, energy saving and environmental protection has become the trend of the industry. In order to conform to the trend and meet the market demand, the hot air circulation box industry has also made innovations and changes. With the traditional Chinese medicine hot air circulation box, it is not only efficient and energy-saving, consumes a small amount of electricity, but also absorbs heat in the air. The power consumption is only 1/3-1/4 of the heater. Compared with other drying equipment, it can save a great deal of operation cost.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine hot air circulation box without any combustion and emissions, is an environmental protection product for sustainable development, also have a dry safety closed system. The machine not only has mature technology, stable and reliable performance, but also automatic operation without manual operation, and realizes intelligent control.

Consider four factors to choose suitable circulating hot air box

And other machine, hot air circulation drying oven in the market there are dragons and fishes jumbled together shoddy phenomenon. Therefore, in the pay attention to energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent automation of the moment, users need to buy all directional, multi angle choice. The personage inside course of study sums up the purchase of hot air recycling box to consider the four elements.

The first is material. In all drying equipment, the choice of material is the main factor that directly reflects the purchasing price. Different materials, prices are often very different. Stainless steel, iron plate, plated metal plate, including different kinds of stainless steel, all of which have price difference.

Secondly, look at the size of, is on production capacity. As a matter of fact, the bigger the volume, the stronger the production capacity and the higher the purchase cost. The size of production capacity consists of many factors, such as the size of electric heating power, the characteristics of production materials and the maximum space for production. Just look at the general oven number of vehicles, each vehicle can put 10 pan, calculated the size of production, in order to choose a suitable oven.

And structure type oven. The air supply mode of the oven is divided into two kinds: horizontal air supply and vertical air supply. It can choose the right structure according to the characteristics of the material. Finally, the type of oven material. The type of material determines the structure and characteristics of the oven. For example, the material is powdery and the hot air circulation oven can not be used. The vacuum drying box can be used.

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