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Technical Knowledge
The technical performance and advantages of hot blast stove are as follows

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1, flexible and diversified manner. The outlet of high efficiency and energy saving hot stove can be flexibly designed for left side or right side. Detailed locations and piping layout can be determined according to the actual situation. It can be installed indoors or indoors.

2, long service life. The furnace heat exchanger system can work steadily at high temperature for a long time without damage after being treated by a special refractory process unique to our factory. Thus the service life of the equipment has been greatly increased to 8-10 years. The change of hot air temperature is more stable and the work is more stable.

3. Fuel is widely used and energy saving. Because of the reasonable air distribution design and proper air volume, both pulverized coal and lump coal can ensure full combustion. Therefore, the application of fuel is very extensive. Pyrotechnics in the heat exchange system and air through multi-stage cycle exchange into hot air, to ensure the full use of thermal energy, to achieve coal-saving requirements. The operation of blowers and smoke exhauster is automatically controlled according to temperature, which saves electricity most. Especially in the spring and autumn season, when the temperature difference between day and night is large, electricity saving is particularly obvious.

4. The room temperature is uniform and the air is fresh. The fan installed in the hearth of the hot blast stove can absorb indoor air, fresh air outdoors, or mixed air indoors and outdoors. Through heat energy exchange, it can be converted into hot air and sent into the room, which can effectively control the air temperature and humidity. In fact, no matter where the air is absorbed, the high temperature in the furnace also plays a bactericidal role in heat transfer, ensuring the freshness of the air. In the whole length of the hot air pipeline, there are 120 divergent outlets, and each divergent outlet is open and closed, which not only emits heat to the indoor, but also plays a role of forced convective air. Make the temperature well controlled. It can not only ensure uniform temperature, but also meet local high temperature requirements.

5, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The work of equipment has truly realized automatic control and lazy operation. Simply setting several values, the work of fans and smoke exhauster is automatically controlled according to temperature. As long as you don't forget to add coal, our equipment can work safely, automatically and efficiently. It saves energy and saves energy. And we specially made the blower and smoke machine, both from the structure and according to the installation, have made a lot of design, so that maintenance becomes convenient and fast.

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