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GZL series dry roll granulator


    GZL series dry-rolling granulator is a dry extrusion process technology. The powder with a water content of<10% is compressed into tablets, and then crushed, granulated and sieved to make the block material change. A granular material that meets the requirements for use.

    The dry roll granulation is mainly by external pressurization, so that the material is forcibly passed through the gap between the two opposite rotating rolls and compressed into pieces. During the rolling process, the actual density of the material can be increased by 1.5-3 times to achieve a certain strength requirement.

Our company introduces the second generation roll granulator developed on the basis of foreign technology and is widely used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The equipment I am boring into a high granularity, increase material density, less dust, easy to remove and wash.


    The company's self-developed medicinal special dry granulator based on the absorption of foreign design concepts, compared with the original dry granulator: the granularity, efficiency, cleaning, maintenance and other directions are greatly improved, and The design concept of the equipment is based on the clear distinction between the process area and the equipment transmission area. The drive unit and the control unit are separated from the product. The design conforms to the requirements of the “GMP” specification, and the parts can be assembled and disassembled quickly and quickly for surface cleaning. The contact material parts are made of stainless steel.

main feature:

    ●The material is forced to be compression-molded by mechanical pressure, and the purity of the product can be guaranteed without adding any wetting agent.

    ● Dry powder direct material production, no need for subsequent drying process, is more conducive to the connection and transformation of existing production processes.

    ● The particle strength is high, and the increase in bulk specific gravity is more significant than other granulation methods. Especially suitable for increasing the proportion of product accumulation.

    ● It can control environmental pollution, reduce powder waste and packaging costs, and improve product transportation capacity.

    ● Compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation, short process flow, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low failure rate, wide range of raw materials, and roller pressure can be adjusted freely according to different materials.

    ●Feeding and feeding device adopts frequency conversion stepless adjustment control, high degree of automation, can realize one-person multi-machine control, low labor intensity and long-term continuous operation.

    ●The main transmission components are made of high-quality alloy materials, stainless steel materials, titanium materials, chrome and other surface alloys, which greatly improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance, so that the machine has a long service life.

Technical Parameters:


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