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Customers order RL belt condensing granulator is in production

Date: 2019-04-16 09:47:04    Views:

The RL type granulator utilizes the characteristic that the melting point of the material is lower than 250 ° C. According to the viscosity range of the material in the molten state, the molten material is uniformly distributed on the steel strip under the uniform speed by a special distributing device, and is disposed under the steel strip. Under the cooling action of the continuous spraying device, the materials are cooled, solidified and packaged during transportation and transportation, thereby achieving the purpose of granulation molding.

This product is a new (melt) forming granulator. The work is cooled by the liquid to be solidified by the conveying, and the material having a melting point ranging from 50 ° C to 300 ° C can be granulated. No dust, improve the production environment; and have certain economic value (energy saving, economical packaging container), quick replacement of products, beautiful granule products, uniform near hemisphere granularity, no thermal stress; granular products are easy to package, transport and store It is convenient for users to measure, mix or remelt, and can continuously produce. From feeding to packaging, it can reduce manual labor, with stepless speed regulation, adjustable flow and convenient operation. Widely used in petroleum, fine chemicals and other industries. A machine can be used to make strips, cut into pieces, and flakes; toxic materials can be used as a closed type.






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