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[Shipment site] KJG hollow blade dryer installed by Zhejiang customer

Date: 2019-04-26 15:43:23    Views:

The hollow blade dryer is a horizontal agitating continuous drying device mainly based on heat conduction. Because the agitating blade is shaped like a paddle, it is called a paddle dryer. It is also called a trough dryer or a stirring dryer in foreign countries.

Since the heat required for the drying of the device is indirectly heated by heat conduction, the drying process does not require or require a small amount of gas to carry away the moisture. It greatly reduces the heat loss caused by the airflow and improves the heat utilization rate. It is an energy-saving drying equipment. The paddle dryer is widely used in the drying of powdery, granular, filter cake and slurry materials in the petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, food, pharmaceutical, and pesticide industries.

Adaptable material:

1. Petrochemical industry: polyolefin powder, polycarbonate resin, high and low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, polyacetal granules, nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 12, acetate, polyphenylene sulfide , propylene-based resin, engineering plastics, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl alcohol, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyester, polyoxymethylene, styrene ~ acrylonitrile copolymerization, ethylene ~ propylene copolymerization.

2. Environmental protection industry: PTA sludge, electroplating sewage sludge, boiler soot, pharmaceutical factory waste residue, sugar factory waste residue, MSG factory waste residue, coal ash.

3, feed industry: soy sauce residue, bone-based feed, distiller's grains, food scraps, apple pomace, orange peel, soybean meal, chicken bone feed, fish meal, feed additives, bio-sludge.

4. Food industry: starch, cocoa beans, corn kernels, salt, modified starch, medicines.

5. Chemical industry: soda ash, NPK compound fertilizer, kaolin, bentonite, white carbon black, carbon black, phosphogypsum, oxidized sodium fluoride, nitric acid, calcium, magnesium carbonate, sodium cyanide, aluminum hydroxide, barium sulfate, Calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, dyes, molecular sieves, saponin.


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