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Fluorite (powder) special rotary drum dryer

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Fluorite (powder) material description:

       Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, is a natural fossil. Compared with fluorite and fluorite, fluorite has the advantages of low refractive index and low dispersion. However, due to its difficulty and economic factors, it is practically used. Impossible to use. However, the so-called optical glass used optically is made of silica (Silica) as the main raw material and added with additives such as Barium or Lanthanum, which is higher than 1300 degrees in the furnace. After the high temperature is dissolved, it is solidified from a liquid to a solid by a very slow cooling method.

Fluorite (powder) material parameters:

1. Material Name: Fluorite powder (wet state)

2. Name of wet part: water (H2O)

3, initial moisture content ≤ 10% (free water)

4. Required moisture content: ≤0.5%

5, the original state of the material: loose powdered pellets, occasionally see 50mm bulk material

6, product requirements: material temperature ≤ 80 ° C; 200 mesh, ≥ 60%. 70 mesh, ≥90%. 35 mesh, 100%

7. The weight of the finished product pile: ρ=1.8~2.1g/cm3

Brief description of the drying process of fluorite (powder) special rotary drum dryer:

       The ambient air filtered by the primary and intermediate effects is sucked into the waste heat exchanger and the direct gas hot blast stove by the drying system induced draft fan, mixed with the high temperature flue gas generated by the burner combustion gas to the process set temperature, and enters the rotary drying host, and passes through The spiral feeder is sent to the filter cake of the drying host to be dried, and the two are countercurrently dried in the drying host to complete the heat and mass transfer drying process. Most of the materials are discharged from the rotary kiln discharge port to the drying system and enter the spiral cooling conveyor. After the solid mixture is separated and filtered by the cyclone separator and the bag filter, the material is separated from the drying system gas and discharged into the drying system. After the exhaust gas passes through the waste heat utilization system, it is sent to the water film dust collector by the induced draft fan, and then discharged into the atmosphere.


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