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The magnesium sulfate dryer ordered by the customer (HZG rotary drum dryer) is in production

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1. Parameters and requirements

1. Material name: Magnesium sulfate

2. Name of moisture content: water

3. Initial moisture content 5%

4. Moisture content after drying: 1%

5. Processing capacity: 8000Kg / h

6. Material requirements: carbon steel

7. Heat source: steam

(1) Working principle of equipment

      The HZG rotary drum dryer is a cylinder with a slightly inclined main body and adjustable speed within a certain range. Wet materials are directly fed into the cylinder from the storage bin, and the materials are broken up during the addition of the cylinder. The cold air is filtered by an air filter, blown in by a blower, heated by a steam heater, and then fed into the cylinder. Under the turning of the plate reader evenly distributed in the inner cylinder, the materials are evenly distributed and dispersed in the dryer and Full contact with hot air accelerates the mass transfer and heat transfer of drying, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. Most of the dried materials are discharged from the kiln tail box.

(2) Device characteristics

   (1) The kiln head has a scraper and a fixed cylinder that extends into the spiral copy board. The cylinder is welded to the kiln head as a fixed cylinder. The scraper is welded to the drum to form a moving knife. The spiral screw copy board is the back spiral guide plate Most of the materials are removed by extending into the spiral copy board, and the materials adhering to the gap between the copy board and the fixed cylinder are scraped off by the scraper and then sent away by extending into the spiral copy board, so that the entire feeding process is unimpeded.

   (2) Spiral guide plate at the end of the drum;

   (3) The roller is placed obliquely so that the discharge is clean without dead angle;

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