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[Delivery site] Delivery site for KJG hollow pulp dryer ordered by customer

Date: 2020-09-07 09:37:31    Views:

The hollow blade dryer type is KGJ-60, the whole system consists of feeding system, drying system, air supply system and control system, heat transfer area is 60㎡.

Hollow blade dryer can be used to indirectly heat or cool paste, granule, powder and paste materials, and can be used to dry, cool, heat, sterilize, react, low temperature satin burning and other unit operations.The special model stirred heat transfer blade in the equipment has higher heat transfer efficiency and heat transfer surface self-cleaning function.At the same time, the equipment also has low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, dry product moisture uniformity, small environmental pollution, low operating cost and stable operation and other characteristics.

The following is the picture of the delivery site:

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