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[Delivery site] Delivery site of DL steel tape cooling granulator ordered by Guangdong customer

Date: 2020-10-22 14:42:29    Views:

Steel belt cooling pelletizing machine, the upstream hot-melt material is distributed on the steel belt moving at a uniform speed through the pelletizing machine dispenser, and the steel belt is provided with continuous water spraying and cooling device, which forces the material on the steel belt to solidify and cool rapidly during the moving process, so as to achieve the purpose of granulating.According to the physical properties and technological requirements, we can choose the different principles of the granulator, such as external rotation, internal rotation, reciprocating and gate type.According to the physical properties and use requirements, we can choose intermittent drop, continuous strip and full width overflow cloth form, to produce hemispheres, strips and flake products respectively.

In order to prevent improper competition, the detailed technical information is not convenient to be disclosed, please call to consult, this equipment can be customized non-standard, we are a specialized in drying equipment research, development, design and manufacturing enterprises, with rich experience in non-standard production.The company is always equipped with prototype, you can bring materials to test the machine, we wholeheartedly with the new and old customers at home and abroad sincere cooperation, create brilliant in the new century!

The following is the picture of the delivery site:

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