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[Delivery site] Delivery site for KJG series hollow blade dryer ordered by Hunan customer

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Blade dryer has been successfully used in food, chemical, petrochemical, dye, industrial sludge and other fields.

Suitable materials:

Petrochemical industry: polyolefin powder, polycarbonate resin, high and low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, polyacetal particles, nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 12, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), allyl acetate, resin, engineering plastics, PVC, polyvinyl alcohol, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyester, polyformaldehyde, styrene - acrylonitrile copolymer and ethylene - propylene copolymer.      

Environmental protection industry: PTA sludge, electroplating sewage sludge, boiler soot, pharmaceutical factory waste residue, sugar factory waste residue, gourmet factory waste residue, coal ash.   

Feed industry: soy sauce dregs, bone based feed, distiller's grains, food undercutting, apple dregs, orange peel, soybean meal, chicken bone feed, fish meal, feed additives, biological residue mud

Food industry: starch, cocoa beans, corn kernels, salt, modified starch, medicine.

Chemical industry: soda ash, nitro phosphate potassium compound fertilizer, kaolin, bentonite, white carbon black, carbon black, phosphogypsum, sodium fluoride oxide, calcium nitrate, magnesium carbonate, sodium cyanide, aluminum hydroxide, barium sulfate, calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, dye, molecular sieve, saponin.


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