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Company News
2 non-standard ovens ordered by customers have been successfully completed and shipped[2018-06-28]
The ZPG-6000 vacuum dryer ordered by the customer is in the process of being manufactured.[2018-06-13]
2 non-standard large ovens ordered by customers[2018-06-06]
Customer-ordered RLY 1.2 million Dakar direct-fired natural gas hot blast stove production...[2018-05-23]
The HZG series rotary drum dryer for starch ordered by customers[2018-05-09]
Production and delivery of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer ordered by the customer[2018-04-23]
[Shipment site] My company PLG series disc continuous dryer delivery site[2018-04-02]
[shipping site] FZG series vacuum dryer delivery site[2018-03-22]
Our company makes FZG series vacuum dryer Principle:[2017-08-25]
Our company manufacture CT - C type hot air circulation drying oven delivery site[2017-08-17]
Our company manufacture ZLG - 9 x 1.2 m vibration fluidized bed dryer delivery site[2017-08-14]
Our company manufacture SXG - 10 spin flash dryer delivery site[2017-08-07]
Drying equipment manufacturing industry top ten enterprises in jiangsu province[2017-07-24]
Our company manufacture SXG - 8 spin flash dryer delivery site[2017-07-19]
Puffed apple crisp slice of complete sets of technology and equipment[2017-05-31]
The drying method and drying principle of pulp molded products[2017-05-22]
Our company manufacture LPG series high speed centrifugal spray drier delivery site[2017-05-03]
Performance characteristics and the use of fruit and vegetable drier[2017-04-26]
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